Cult Fiction Press is a one-woman passion project started by artist and designer, Cassandra Mazur.

It is meant to serve as a creative outlet for her design and illustration exploration. The brand launched in 2016 with a line of three enamel pins inspired by her fascination of cults, cats, and anything bold, glam, and a little witchy. Since then, she has been exploring different ways to express her love of nostalgia, kawaii, and of course anything Sailor Moon.

Cult Fiction Press has allowed her to wear her heart on her sleeve. The brand has given Cassandra great opportunities to collaborate and participate in the amazing pin-makers community. She is excited to keep making art, creating new pins and exploring other products and avenues to unleash her creativity. She hopes to inspire others to get out there and make art!

Join the Tribe. #cultvibes


Cassandra is always available for collaborations and opportunities that allow her to stretch her creative muscles!